Justin Yu

A Software Engineer

with a minor in Technology Information Management

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Hey I'm Justin!

I love to develop algorithms and make applicable projects to ease the world and make our society a better place. I love to work on projects with my friends, and learn more everyday to improve what I can do.

Being a programmer for more than 5 years now, I am excited to learn and experiment in AI, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality!

Contact me below and we can grab coffee or boba, maybe I can spoil you with my puns because trust me I got a latte of them 😂


Cisco Systems

Software Development Intern

  • Registered devices automatically using Jenkins and Python to Cisco Spark so infrastructure team does not have to manually register them after device updates.
  • Used Cobbler to create virtual machines and update servers to provide others accessibility to a virtual machine when they need it.
  • Created automated scripts using Ansible to install OpenStack and AWS so others can run a script to automatically configure these cloud platform settings
  • Created a script that allows others to create instances and VLANs in a OpenStack Cloud Platform that route and communicate to each other properly.

Software Engineering Intern

  • Wrote unit tests in C# and SQL scripts to check if backend SQL database returns function calls properly.
  • Refined ember add-ons by deleting devDependencies which will decrease build/compile time of programs by up to 80%.
  • Configured formatting using a code formatter called Prettier so other programmers can code without worrying about code formats.
  • Enhanced User Interaction on Customer and Dealer Page by using Ember.js and C#, impacting many daily customers.

iD Tech

Computer Science Instructor

  • Made weekly lesson plans and modified course to fit students’ needs.
  • Mentored each student to create individual projects by the end of each weekly session.
  • Taught high school students (ages 13-17) C++, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Assembly, and BASIC.
Reference Quotes

Amber Kantner (Director of Santa Clara iD Tech Camps) - "Justin Yu's programming skills really shone through his engaging lessons, and his enthusiasm for all aspects of camp made him a great addition to our team."

Brandon Zwier (Assistant Director of Santa Clara iD Tech Camps) - "Justin Yu worked as a wonderful teacher and mentor, and helped raise staff morale in any way he could. Punctual and hardworking, Justin made a fantastic addition to our team."

Brittney Nicole (Director of San Jose iD Tech Camps) - "Justin was a top performer at camp, he always went above and beyond to ensure the success of his students and brought a positive energy into work every morning!"


University of California, Santa Cruz

Sept 2015 - June 2019 (expected)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
GPA: 3.57/4.00

Courses Finished


Logo Detector - Backend

Machine learning model that given an input of an image containing a logo of a company, the model will blur it out in real time. Model was based on a CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) that was inspired by Darknet and VGG models. Used YOLO algorithm to scan the image in real time and used python library scikit to blur part of an image given a bounding box. I worked on training CNN using YOLO algorithm.


Movie-text Predictor - Backend

Machine learning model that predicts if a movie review is rated "really negative", "negative", "neutral", "positive", or "really positive". Coded in Python using Sklearn library to test different models for highest accuracy and F measure. I worked on testing different models and found out SVM was the best model compared to other machine learning models.


Finder - Full Stack

Web Application that allows users to report lost and found items. Users can make an account and data will be stored in a database. I worked on the Search Bar, forms, and storing information into a database. Also helped with styling, and the Google Map API. Used Web2py, Vue.js, SQL, Python, Javascript, and HTML/CSS.

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NoseGoes - Backend

Project for HackUCSC(2018). Web Application that allows users to assign tasks to housemates in an orderly fashion. Used FireBase for a database, and used HTML/CSS and Bootsrap to design the pages. Made the user authentication, user login, and designed some layouts.

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Ripple - Backend

Web Application whose goal is to connect the youth with politics. Pulled data from Propublica API, and stored information into a database using Node.js, express and SQL. Used Scrum metholdology for team efficiency.


Focus - Full Stack

Mobile Application designed to help students focus on assignments. Awards a "Pokemon" for each finshed task based on assignment difficulty and length of time for completion. Coded mainly in Java, and developed algorithms to rank assignment priority.


Travel-Chatbot - Full Stack

Project for CalHacks(2016). Used Amadeus API to calculate cheapest flight for users with given input. Used JavaScript, HTML/CSS. Simulated an AI like interaction to make it easy for users to intearct with the Web Application.


DormHacks - Full Stack

Project for HackDavis(2016). Web Application for college students to sell things to one another. Used Firebase to store data for users. Users were able to signup and login. Used bootstrap, HTML/CSS to design the page.



Tech 4 Good

September 2018 – Present

Researched under Professor David Lee

  • Will help build a web-based platform to help coders build websites for non-profit organizations using Redux and React.
  • Interviewed participants about social topics and transcribe them and give a qualitative analysis.
  • Used method of qualatative analysis called ”coding” that deduced motivation and values from particpants to form hypotheses.
  • Lead delivery of reading groups which is product that allowed any student to discuss scientific papers with one another to explore areas of Engineering.

Privacy Labs

September 2017 – June 2018

Researched under Professor Abhradeep Guha Thakurta

  • Analyze research papers relating to data privacy.
  • Coordinated with Professor to further my understanding and study his work.
  • Working with local differential data privacy.
  • Weekly meetings with Graduate Research Assistants to discuss theorems and proofs regarding data privacy.


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